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Habit #4 Boosting Your Confidence Daily

Habit #4 Boosting Your Confidence Daily

December 5, 2020

Ep 57: Habit #4 Boosting Your Confidence Daily

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According to a study by the National Science Center, the average person has 12K-60k thoughts per day and of those 80% are negative and 95% are repetitive.


As a Courage Coach, I understand the impact thoughts have on confidence. Confidence can be very powerful in helping you to step out, BUT I also know it's a hungry beast that must be fed regularly...daily in this lane of entrepreneurship. In this session, we will cover the importance of confidence and why boosting it saily is an essential habit to #CourageouslyLevelUp.


Let's define confidence...I see it as faith in yourself, your ability, gifts, calling, talents, and the possibility of success.

Why it's important:

1.) You need it for the new rooms, bigger platforms and when your territory is increased

2.)It ain't all good and some of the negativity gets through. You will have moments of doubts and you will second guess yourself.

3.) It will help you manage Imposter Syndrome

4.) Helps you to "reset" your mindset

Here's what you can do to develop a habit of boosting your confidence daily

1.)Download "20 Ways to Boost Your Confidence" from the FREE Resource Library ( to get access)

2.) Start BOLDER Mornings Routine. Get the FREE training and workbook from the FREE Resource Library

3.) Share in the community what you will do to build your confidence.

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Habit #3 Developing a Positive & Powerful Vocabulary

Habit #3 Developing a Positive & Powerful Vocabulary

November 28, 2020

EP 56: Habit #3 Developing a Positive & Powerful Vocabulary

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Keeping it real, just being honest, I need to vent, and complaining feels good in the moment. We all do it, moms, wives, bosses, one is immune. While we can't choose what happens, we can choose what we say about it. 


In this session, we'll talk about what it means to have a positive and powerful vocabulary, and why it's such an essential habit to have on your journey to the next level. 

Positive & powerful vocabulary are words that encourage, uplift, demonstrate optimistic beliefs, reflect faith, positive outcome, communicates possibilities and commitment. 

1.)We are co-creators-What we say creates our environment.

2.) It boosts your mood, improves your confidence, energizes you

3.) Reduces pain, discomfort, stress

4.) Increase your resilience



1.) Take the pledge

2.) Share your ah-has in the community

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Habit #2 Strategically Studying the Bible

Habit #2 Strategically Studying the Bible

November 28, 2020

E55: Habit #2 Strategically Studying the Bible 

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"All scripture is God-breathed, and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting in righteousness, so that the servant of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work." 2 Timothy 3:16-17

I am who I am today because of my time in the Word. In this session, I unpack what strategic study is and why it's important. 

Strategic bible study is a bible study designed to achieve something specific or with a specific need in mind. There are several benefits of strategic bible study over the haphazard bible study we typically participate in. 

1.) Gives you a starting point

2.) Encourages you

3.) Trains and equips you

4.) It will change you

5.) Closer relationship with God

6.) Prepares you for battles ahead

You know that you were created with a purpose. How can you begin to pursue that purpose and NOT a relationship with the ONE who gave it to you? We will never be fully equipped without study of God's word. 


1.) Download the FREE Bible study training [ CLICK HERE! ]

2.) Take the Pledge to Commit to #CourageouslyLevelUp [CLICK HERE]

3.) Decide What you will study and share it in the group

4.) Book a call to see if Courageous Discipleship is the right fit for you! [Book a Call!]

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Habit #1 Managing Your Time Wisely

Habit #1 Managing Your Time Wisely

November 20, 2020

Ep 54: Habit #1 Managing Your Time Wisely


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My most popular 1:1 sessions are productivity sessions. So many women are overwhelmed, busy, all over the place and want to take back control of their day. Time-management is vital, but often dismissed. 


In this session, I want to help give you a better understanding of what time-management really is and how it dictates the success or failur of everything in your life. No one is immune. Time is the great equalizer. 

Here's what you need to keep in mind:

1.) You cannot accomplish anything without time no matter how important it is. 

2.) Your intentions, skills, calling are no match for misplaced or wasted time. 

3.) You can choose, strategize to make the most of it the moment you decide to. 


Assignment for the week:

1.) Audit-Keep a log this week. How well do you manage your time?

2.) Book a time-management session with me today! 

3.) Share the podcast with someone today! 

7 Essential Habits to Level Up in Faith, Life & Business

7 Essential Habits to Level Up in Faith, Life & Business

November 7, 2020

E53: 7 Essential Habits to Level Up in Faith, Life & Business


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"First forget inspiration. Habit is more dependable. Habit will sustain you whether you're inspired or not." ~Octavia Butler


Studies report 40% of what we do each day is habitual. That's a lot of time.

Writing my book changed me. It required so much of me. It was during that time I implemented a morning routine. It's evolved to suit me & support me but as a Courage Coach, I want to help my clients & audience level up. In this session, I share with you the 7 essential habits to level up in faith, life, and business.


7 Essential Habits to Level Up

1.) Managing your time wisely.

2.) Studying the bible strategically and consistently.

3.) Developing a positive and powerful vocabulary.

4.) Boosting your confidence daily.

5.) Practicing self-care religiously.

6.) Building healthy, strong, and supportive relationships.

7.) Committing to growth in your faith, life, and business.


Your assignment:

1.) Commit to starting a BOLDER Morning

2.) Share in the Dose of Courage Community

3.) Share this episode with a friend! 

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#1 Reason Most People Don’t Grow

#1 Reason Most People Don’t Grow

October 31, 2020

E52: #1 Reason Most People Don't Grow [Click Here to Listen]


Confession time: I used to plan, strategize, create, research, learn, think and then start all over again. You know what's missing in this cycle of busyness? E-X-E-C-U-T-I-O-N! Yep EXECUTION! I stayed on that merry-go-round of busyness and it kept me from growing in business and honestly in life too. In 2018, I decided that my word for the year would be EXECUTION, motto: "Execution is Queen in 2018!"  Maybe it was a bit cheesy, but I had great results. I saw an increase in my impact and my income, secured a partnership with Patrice Washington of Redefining Wealth, started a collaboration with Amber Michelle Lykins, MaryKay Sales Director and I launched my mastermind! 

As a courage coach I always incorporate accountability calls in every program. I help my clients focus on taking action, implementing and staying consistent. 

In this session, I discuss the #1 reason you aren't growing and give you a few tips to help you overcome it and get back to growing. 

#1 Reason: Lack of follow-through and therefore poor execution is what keeps most from growing. When we give a partial effort we have partial completion backed by a list of excuses. We basically turn all of the newly acquired knowledge into trivial facts when we don't apply what we've learned. 


  1. Schedule the steps of your plan of action, put them on your calendar so they actually get done. Knowing what you plan to do or what you need to do doesn't change anything. It's about taking the time to do it. If it doesn't go on the calendar, it's less likely to get done.
  2. Get an accountability partner or join a mastermind program with an accountability community like Courageous Tribe. Having a community to understand the importance of pursuing your purpose and holding you accountable to GETTING THINGS DONE will without question accelerate your growth. 

This week's assignment:

1. Decide what new strategy you will implement or an old strategy you will finally execute. 

2.) Share it with the Dose of Courage Community on FB

3.) Looking for more support on this growth journey? Book a FREE discovery call with me to see if Courageous Tribe is a good fit for you. 

*As always be sure to share this episode on social and with a friend. Tag me @CourageMolina and use #DoseofCourage* 


Why Investing In Yourself is An Investment In Your Business

Why Investing In Yourself is An Investment In Your Business

October 24, 2020

E51: Investing in Yourself is An Investment in Your Business

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“Income seldom exceeds personal development.” -Jim Rohn


I find this statement to be true, but one people find it hard to believe. They believe if they can get the marketing just right, the website perfect, write copy that converts and find their ideal audience, then the big bucks will just come rolling in….very rarely is that the case. 


As a courage coach I myself can sometimes get distracted by the coaches teaching biz strategies. It seems like people are more attracted to those programs and more willing to admit they need that type of help and more willing to invest in those types of programs. 


In this session, I shine a bit of light on the often ignored truth that the business strategies will not outperform your doubts, fears, inconsistencies or character flaws and therefore your personal development is an essential part of your business growth and development. 


3 things you need to understand, 3 things you cannot ignore! 

    1. You are the asset. You are God’s delivery system. The better the system the more people served and the better the delivery itself. 
    2. The better you become, the less time it takes to get things done. When you are more self-aware you can set better boundaries, and create routines to support you and help you increase your productivity. You’ll be able to reach more people, increase your impact and increase your income. 
  • In a saturated market being your most bold and authentic self will separate you from the rest. This allow you to go the extra mile in your business for your clients and customers. It’s so much easier to be yourself than it is to be a great value version of some else! 


Here is your weekly assignment: 

  1. Imagine the impact and income you’d like to see in your business. Really let your imagination run wild. What would it look like? What would it feel like? How would your life be different? 
  2. Ask yourself who you need to become in order to get there. 
  3. Get on a discovery call with me to see if investing in the Courageous Tribe 2.0 is a good fit for you! [Click Link:   to schedule your FREE call!]
  4. As always, share this episode with a friend or two and join me in the Dose of Courage Community on FB to continue the conversation! 


How to Speak Words of Commitment

How to Speak Words of Commitment

October 20, 2020

EP50: How To Speak Words of Commitment

"Do or do not. There is no try."-Yoda

I actually hate when adults tell me they'll "try" to do something. I feel like we "try" food and "try" fashion. 

I'm a courage coach, which means I specialize in helping my clients take action, courageous & consistent action. I used to be all about confidence, but that's really about your feelings and your thoughts about yourself. ACTION, however, is what leads to transformation and increase. 

In this session, you'll learn how to swap out weak phrases that lack power and conviction for powerful words of commitment. 

How to Speak Words of Commitment

1.) Recognize the phrases and words that you say which give you an "out". Words like "try", "should", "might". The minute you use them you are prepping yourself and others for your excuses later. 

2.) Use words like: "I will", "I intend to", "I must", "I have to", "I'll figure it out", "I'll get support". Start speaking your intentions, not your worries! Words of commitment require confidence, discipline, and follow-through. 

3.) Set boundaries, say "no", be honest with yourself 1st, and get your time management together. This supports the language of commitment. 


Your assignment for the week:

  • Identify one weak word you use the most and make the commitment to swap it out.
  • Share the weak word and what you'll swap it out within the community.
  • Plan to attend (watch the replay) the Lunch n Learn on How to Commit to Your Purpose.

Not in the community yet? CLICK here to join the Dose of Courage Community on FB!  

Why Community Is A Game Changer

Why Community Is A Game Changer

October 10, 2020

Why Community Is A Game Changer


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"Alone we can do so little; together, we can do so much." -- Helen Keller


I'm a Courage Coach and 90% of my coaching is in community. From the Courageous Tribe 2.0, The Courage Circle 2.0, Dose of Courage Community, Patrice Washington's Purpose to Platform, and Mastery & Momentum...all group coaching. The main reason I LOVE group coaching is that it allows me to have a greater impact and my clients have a greater transformation. 


In this episode I share with you the 3 reasons why community is a game-changer in hopes that you would recognize the benefits of being in community as it relates to your business and would encourage you to join and contribute to one. 

3 Reasons Why Community is a Game-Changer

  1. You learn more and you learn faster. When you are in a community you learn what the others member have learned along the way. They bring their knowledge from books they've read, courses they've taken and they bring the benefit of their experiences. 
  2. Different perspectives help you to solve problems creatively. Sometimes we can get stuck when brainstorming. We limit ourselves to how we thing it should work, but in community different perspectives can help you think outside the box
  3. Encouragement and Accountability abound. As women, we want to encourage other women even when we can't encourage ourselves. We tend to be nicer and kinder to others when they struggle than we are in our own struggles. 

Your assignment:

  1. Join a Community- Dose of Courage Community
  2. Engage, participate and initiate posts and conversations
  3. Share this podcast, screenshot and tag me on IG @couragemolina or share the link
  4. Subscribe to the Youtube channel if you haven't already! 



How to Grow A Faith That Will Impact Your Business

How to Grow A Faith That Will Impact Your Business

October 5, 2020

How to Grow a Faith That Will Impact Your Business


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Have you ever saw someone so good at something you thought..."Dang, I wanna know how they do that?"

That was me in 2013 at Elevation Church listening to Pastor Steven Furtick preach a sermon called Expectation Gap: When God Doesn't Met Your Expectations, and for every sermon since then. As I listened I thought to myself "I bet he is so good at making decisions. He seems like he really KNOWS the bible. I bet that's why he's so confident...I mean who starts a church at age 26??" 

I was more than intrigued though. I was desperate for change. I was depressed, in a horrible season, and thought I probably could have avoided some of the pain I was experiencing if I had made better choices in life.

I thought about it often. Then one Sunday, he talked about tithing not just your money, but your time and talents. I decided to give it a try. I would devote 10% of my day to reading and studying God's word. 

I started at the beginning, I wasn't sure where else to start. I read all the notes from my study bible for any section I read and any scriptures referenced in the margin I read as well. I would meditate on what I read all day long while at work. I considered the following:

  • What did the scripture reveal to me about God?
  • How could I use what I learned in my life?
  • How was I like the people I read about?
  • What if I wasn't always the "hero" in the bible, what might that reveal about me?
  • What life lessons could I learn from the good and the bad? 

I graduated from just reading to actually writing my notes and thoughts down in a journal. I even kept track of any questions I had even though I didn't have anyone to answer them. I started sharing my ah-has and revelations with anyone that would listen. 

Do you know what I realized during my time in the word? 

  • We are ALL expected to read, study, and meditate on the word of God no matter what our day jobs are..
  • Action is required.
  • Change is inevitable, growth with produce the fruit

EVERYTHING changed for me...I became bolder, happier in my marriage, and I started living my life's purpose and pursuing the life I really wanted to live. 


Bible study is the foundation of this life of impact and income. I invite you to join the Courage Circle. It's a 20-week biblical studies program for women who want to build a closer relationship with God through the study and application of his word. 

You will have all that you need, guidance, structure, direction, and community. CLICK HERE to enroll or you can get on a call with me to determine if this is a good fit for you. CLICK HERE to schedule a call.

As I mentioned in the podcast, I felt led to open up enrollment a lot earlier than I normally would, BUT the program will not begin until Jan 4th, 2021. There are only 50 spots available so keep that in mind. 

Your Assignment:

1.) Decide what you will study this month 

2.) Share what you'll study in the Dose of Courage Community on FB.

3.) Share a screenshot of this episode in your IG stories and tag me @couragemolina or share the link with a friend who could use a dose of courage! 


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